Thursday, 21 February 2013

Remove Redirect Virus from PC Directly! is a website that is promoted with a browser extension called SafeSearch. It generally comes from free software download. This threat has been categorized as an adware which is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. It is developed by AVSoftware LLC. Its developer claims that this is a unique search engine which filters malicious sites that can harm a computer. But, actually it is not true. When it is installed on your PC, it will modify your browser settings redirect your every search result to its homepage or some unknown malicious websites that may contain other critical threats. This adware can also steal your personal information and data and deliver it to the third party remote server. As a result, your PC's resources will be compromised and it may also disable certain functions of your PC, your browser and internet settings will be changed and redirect search results and so on. So, you should remove redirect virus from PC as fast as possible. Redirect Virus Screenshot!

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