Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Remove FBI Paypal Virus “Your Computer is locked” Ransomware!

FBI Paypal Virus is a malicious Ransomware which will display a deceptive message posting as an official notice from the law enforcement agency that will claims you visiting forbidden websites, which is responsible for your PC’s lock issue. It is created by cyber criminals to lock random computers using the name of local police department authorities in America is a scam. If you are victim of this scam, your screen will show a window with a camera, informing that your photos, videos or documents will be used for your identification. And if you want to solve this issue, you have to pay an amount $100 as random via payment systems like Ukash or Paysafe card. However, your computer will not really get unlocked even though you pay the fine because they can lock it again and then ask for even more money. Everyone should understand that in reality not any authorities or organization in whole world uses such screen blocking message to collect fine. The main Purpose of this ransomware is scaring unsuspecting PC users and paying this fine of $100 would equal to sending money to the cyber criminals. It may collect your credit card information that will be opened to an unknown remote server for illegal purpose. If you see this message on your computer you can be sure that you are infected with a ransomware virus, don't pay any fines - it's a scam. So it recommended for you to remove FBI Paypal Virus from your Windows System.
Screenshot of FBI Paypal Virus!

Removal Instruction of FBI Paypal Virus Scam from Windows System!
Automatic Removal: If you want to remove this threat automatically, then the best way is to use the easiest tool provided below. It scans your whole system and eliminate this threat completely.
Manual Removal: If you want to remove this threat manually, then you can visit:http://www.pcthreatremoval.net/locked-by-fbi-paypal-virus-remove-fbi-paypal-ukash-ransomware
Here you can get all the details about manual removal process of this threat.

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